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    A 投保须知 Insurance instruction  

    1.本保险承保被保险人年龄为出生满28天至85周岁,以保险起期时被保险人的周岁年龄为准。其中,71至85周岁的被保险人"医疗费用补偿"的保险金额以30万元为上限。This insurance covers the insured aged 28 days of birth to 85 years old, subject to the age of the insured at the policy effective date. Else, the limit of Medical Expense for the insured aged 71 - 85 years old is CNY300,000. 

    2. 任何年龄在18周岁以下的被保险人,如果其以死亡为给付保险金条件的保险金额(包括在所有商业保险公司所购买的保险)超出中国保险监管机构所规定的限额(即不满10周岁的,为人民币20万元;已满10周岁但未满18周岁的,为人民币50万元)须特别告知,否则保险公司可能对超出限额的部分不承担保险责任。Any insured under the age of 18 and the death benefit as the condition of insurance payment (including any insurances purchased from all commercial insurance companies) exceeding the limit specified by the China Insurance Regulator (viz. CNY200,000 if aged under 10 years old, or CNY500,000 if aged 10 - 17 years old) must be specially informed to the insurer, Otherwise, the insurer may not be liable for any amount in excess of the regulatory limit.

    3. 本保险不承保任何国家或国际组织认定的恐怖分子或恐怖组织成员,或非法从事毒品、核武器、生物或化学武器交易人员。This insurance does not cover terrorists or members of terrorist organizations recognized by any country or international organization, or persons illegally engaged in drug, nuclear weapons, biological, or chemical weapons transactions.

    4.在任何情况下,本保险不承保任何直接或间接前往或途径伊朗、叙利亚、朝鲜地区以及投保时已经处于战争状态或已被宣布为紧急状态的国家或地区,或在上述国家或地区旅行期间发生的保险事故。This insurance does not cover any accidents directly or indirectly caused by planned or actual travel to or through Iran, Syria, North Korea or during travel in the above countries or regions.

    5.本保险的保险期间必须完整覆盖被保险人离开及返回到日常生活、工作所在地的旅行期间,且必须于出行前投保,不承保在投保本保障计划时已置身于中国大陆境外的被保险人。The insurance The insurance period must fully cover the period of travel during which the insured leaves and returns to the place of daily life and work, and must take out the policy before the travel. The insurance does not cover any insured who are outside Mainland China before the effectiveness of insurance.  

    6本保险不承保以任何医疗、治疗为目的的出行计划。Any travel plan for medical or therapeutic purposes is not covered.  

    7.如保险期间为一年,本保险单次旅行最长承保时间为183天。Maximum duration for each journey is 183 days.  

    8. 本保险承保有正式经营执照的机构经营的并符合安全规范的潜水,滑水,冲浪,场地滑雪,场地滑冰,驾驶卡丁车,帆船,帆板,皮划艇,水上摩托,漂流,观景直升机,热气球,骑马,登山等热门娱乐活动。





    This policy covers popular recreational activities operated by a duly licensed organization and in compliance with safety regulations, such as diving, water skiing, surfing, track skiing, track skating, go-karting, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing, rafting, viewing helicopters, hot air ballooning, horseback riding, mountaineering etc.

    BUT high-risk activities in the following situations are excluded:

    (1) any professional and competitive sports that engage in intense training and competition for the purpose of gaining fame and wealth by winning the championship;

    (2) any high-risk sports at tourist attractions without the permission of the national tourism administration;

    (3) hang-gliding, skydiving, any outdoor activities above 6,000 meters, and diving depths above 18 meters. 

    9受保前已存在的疾病及其并发症等保险条款责任免除所列明的情形导致的医疗费用支出,不在本保险医疗费用补偿保障范围内。被保险人在中国大陆境外的中间带指定医疗网络内就医的,可享受医疗费用直付服务,具体网络详见"中间带救援"公众号。被保险人在中国大陆境内就医须前往二级及以上公立医院(仅限普通部)。This insurance does not cover any medical expense caused by the pre-existing diseases and their complications, or any conditions listed in the exclusion clause. Direct-billing service is available for the overseas designated medical network of MediLink-Global Assist, please follow the official WeChat account of MediLink-Global Assist for the details of the designated medical network. Only secondary and above public medical institutionsl (only general department) is available when insured receives medical treatment in mainland China.

    10. 如果被保险人在境外发生保险事故后,返回中国大陆需要继续接受治疗的,在理赔时须提供该次保险事故在境外接受首次治疗的就诊证明。If the insured has an insurance accident in overseas and needs further treatment when return to Mainland China, the medical records of initial treatment in overseas for this insurance accident must be provided when settling the claim.

    11. 医疗费用补偿责任涵盖被保险人在旅行期间感染2019新型冠状病毒肺炎的治疗费用,本项责任的承担仍应以符合本保险合同的规定为前提。The treatment cost of the insured infected with COVID-19 during travel is coverd by Medical Expenses benefit, and it shall still be subject to compliance with the provisions of this insurance contract.

    12. 本保险每一被保险人仅限投保一份。Each insured person of this insurance is limited to take out one insurance policy only.


    B 提示告知 Notice

    为了保证您的利益,请您在投保前,仔细阅读保险条款及投保须知,重点关注保险责任、特别约定、免除保险人责任条款。您可以在收到本保险单后访问本公司官方网站www.pubmi.org查询并核验保险单资料。In order to protect your own interests, please read carefully the terms and conditions of the insurance, enrollment notice, the highlights of insurance liability, special agreements, and exclusions exempting insurer's liability.   Upon receiving your insuranc policy, you may visit the website: www.pubmi.org to inquire and verify the policy information accordingly.

    众惠财产相互保险社综合偿付能力充足率达到监管要求,且风险综合评级提示操作、战略、声誉和流动风险较小,具体偿付能力指标和风险综合评级结果请查询公司官方网站www.pubmi.org。The comprehensive solvency adequacy ratio of Public Mutual Insurance Corporation meets the regulatory requirements, and the comprehensive risk rating prompts that the operational, strategic, reputation and liquidity risks are minimal. Please consult the company's official website for specific solvency indicators and comprehensive risk rating results www.pubmi.org.  

    本保险由专业救援机构提供理赔和旅行救援服务。您可以在收到本保险单后,关注微信公众号"中间带救援"查询您的保障项目和服务手册,或申请理赔或其他服务等。中间带救援服务热线:+86 21 52280110。Upon receiving your insurance policy, you may follow the WeChat official account of MediLink-Global Assist to inquire your benefit plan, service mannual, and Rescue and Claim Hotline. During your travel period, we offer rescue and claim services through professioal rescue organization, and MediLink-Global Assist and Claim Hotline is: +86 21 52280110.  


    C 售后服务 After Sales Services

    1、发票须知 Invoicing instruction

    本保险提供电子增值税普通票或者纸质增值税专用发票Electronic Invoice (for General VAT) or Paper Invoice (for Special VAT) are available for your choice.


    Electronic Invoice (for General VAT) : You may request and download the invoice through the “Policy Details” page, or through the offical website / wetchat account of insurance company.


    Paper invoice (restricted for Special VAT only): You may send your request through the “Help Desk” (http://www.ssish.com/hiif/nowhelpcenter/index.jsp), and the relevant insurance company will foward the Paper Invoice to you by courier within 7-14 working days. If any cancellation or suerender of insurance, you would need to return the original Paper Invoice back to the insurer for tax refunding. Reminder: The courier cost or postage related to Paper Invoice would need to be paid by you/the applicant.


    2、理赔须知  Claim instruction

    事故通知:投保人、被保险人或受益人知道保险事故发生后,应当通过中间带救援热线(热线电话:+86 21 52280110)或公众号及时报案。

    Claim notification: The applicant, insured or beneficiary should notify the MediLink-Global Assist the occurrence of an insured event as soon as their awareness of it, through the hotline( +86 21 22209666 ) or official WeChat account of MediLink-Global Assist.



    Claim application: Please follow the official WeChat account of MediLink-Global Assist and bind your member e-card, so as you can use the claim online application function to submit electronic or paper claim documents subject to the type the insured accidents or claim amount.



    Claim assesment: MediLink-Global Assist will complete the claim assesment in 5 working days in terms of receiving all required claim documents. In case of any complicated claim, it could be extended to 30 days.



    Claim payment: For any benefit with direct-billing service, you don't have to pay in advance. MediLink-Global Assist will settle the bill with the medical service provider directly. For any benefit without direct-billing service, you would need to pay in advance and finish the required claim application. The MediLink-Global Assist shall review the claim documents and expenses whether under the covered benefit plan, and pay the claim to the insured or beneficiary in time.


    3、电子保单 E-Policy (electronic policy)

    本保险仅提供电子保单,电子保单效力等同于纸质保单,您可在下载电子保单后自行打印。承保成功后,中间带救援将发送电子保单及电子会员卡号到您投保时预留的电子邮箱(如预留被保险人电子邮箱,则优先发送给被保险人),您也可在保单详情页面,或关注保险公司官网或官方微信公众号查询并下载。We provide electronic policy only. The electronic policy is as valid as paper policy, and you may download and print it easily.  MediLink-Global Assist will sent the E-Policy and member e-card to your e-mail address automatically and quickly.(If both the applicant and insured email address are available, the insureds e-mail address will be prioritized for mailing.) In addition, you also can download it through the“Policy Details”page, or through the offical website / wetchat account of insurance company either.   

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请仔细阅读投保须知、保险条款等内容。本产品由 宇泰保险经纪有限公司销售,由众惠财产相互保险社承保并负责理赔。